Concierge Service

In the effort to make your home purchase experience as stress-free as possible, Chase Fitzgerald provides a wide array of concierge home services to our clients.  Our partnerships with companies around town will save you time and money throughout your home purchase.


Moving Service

The Move Advocate, is a free moving assistance program that will provide you with a counselor to help coordinate your entire move. The Move Advocate will assist you in local, intrastate and interstate moves. Chase Fitzgerald Moving Service

Discount Sales Program

Call our office for information on how you, your family, neighbors and friends of Chase Fitzgerald can participate in this wonderful sales program for the purchase of interior and exterior household items.

Home Warranty Service

Home Warranty Service at Chase Fitzgerald. We offer our customers and clients two outstanding warranties. HMS gives you peace of mind coverage for interior items such as heating, air conditioning, electric, plumbing and appliances to name a few. A Welgard warranty helps to insure a safe and adequate well water supply.

Home Inspections

We can recommend to you any number of qualified licensed home inspectors to help you work through your Home Inspection Contingency with confidence of a thorough inspection.

Alternative Sales Service

All properties for sale do not respond to the traditional sales approach. We have added our alternative sales program for properties that are unique, sensitive to time, on the market for an extended period of time or just need a fresh approach.

Home Appraisal Service

As an added benefit to pricing your property, we offer at a reasonable cost, an appraisal of your property so that its value is based on an independent valuation and assessment of comparable sales in the area.

Relocation Service

With our 72 years of business experience we have developed many personal referral relationships throughout Maryland as well as national connections with national relocations networks.

Security Systems

Through our business relationships we have developed an arrangement with one of our local security providers with an extremely good “new client” pricing plan.


Have a question or want to learn more about any of these services? Contact Us.